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9 Remarks To Take Into Account In Your Website

The days when a brand or enterprise could work well without an internet presence are coming to an end. Now everyone uses internet, enterprises are constantly making contacts through the web and, above all, we are permanently connected.

To design a website able to meet all the intended objectives is not easy since it requires adequate planning and an bright approach to the targeted market. To help you on this matter we offer below 9 remarks to consider in your website

¿Who am I?

For people coming to know you trough internet, your website will be their first impression. What sort of message you wish to convey with your brand? Is it a business for families? Are your services addressed to a given sort of clients? Which are their values? By answering these questions beforehand you may adequate your message to the type of visitor in order to become more effective.

It is a good practice to include a section dealing with your enterprise and its values. Do not miss any relevant details because, through the page, you will be in direct contact with your clients and must inform them of anything that they should know in this respect.

¿What is the purpose of my website?

All your decisions concerning the design must take very much into account its potential users. You must identify the purpose of the site as well as to whom it is addressed prior to deciding the navigation or the contents to be included.

Do you intend to inform about something? Make new clients? Promote sales of a given product? A clear understanding of these basic questions will help you to identify the response that you are expecting from the users and then be able to design a proper strategy to that end.

web design ux and ui


Choosing a domain

Even if you intend to sell the product made under the most revolutionary patent in the world, if the URL of your website is a mess of letters and symbols nobody will remember it. It must be easy to type and if the web corresponds to a company or brand it will be most convenient to include the name. 

Another factor to take into account is the age of the domain. To purchase a domain which has already been in use may entail important SEO advantages, such as a better natural position in Google searches. It may also result in other sites been redirected to yours or in the discovery that your domain is already included in the Alexa ranking. The acquisition on an old domain may involve a fast  improvement  of your Google rating.

Contact details and calls for action always at hand.

Your contact details must appear in all the pages of your webpage. The information must be clear, well visible and accessible. They will normally consist of your email, address or telephone number, but they may also be a call for action or a form to be filled in. It is most important that they always appear in the same manner. Clear and consistent data in all your profiles shall lead to better result in the indexation of your page for local searches.

Love at a first glance

There is an imaginary line in each web design which is set at the bottom of the screen of the visitors and will determine their first reaction. The idea is to show the best content here, just before they have to click to go forward, something that they will presumably do only if they have become interested.

The headings must convey a clear message, anticipating the contents in a brief and concise manner. If this preliminary view contains an interactive button calling for action a perfect first impression will be achieved.

Too many unnecessary elements

Videos, music, flashes and other additional elements should only be included in the page if they will clearly reinforce the message to be conveyed. This refers specially to those elements which may reproduce sounds automatically or otherwise confuse the visitor. These elements may seem attractive but their abuse can provoke the opposite effect.

Too brilliant colors may repel visitors, The ideal is to choose the colors which are more adequate  to reinforce the message. There are so many impeccably designed and handy websites that visitors tend to discard those pages which are not up the standards. It must also be noted that black on white texts are easier to read.

Is your web adapted to smart phones?

According to Google, in 2015 searches made by means of smart  phones exceeded those made by using a computer, and this is an increasing tendency. If your page is not readable in the phone you may well loose most of your potential visitors. Furthermore you will be penalized by Google by being pushed, in the best case, to secondary rank positions in search results.

As of April 21, 2015 Google penalizes those websites not adapted to smart phones.  If that is your case, you are undoubtedly loosing traffic,

¿Have you proper information to analyze your web traffic??

Google Analytics is a very good tool to know exactly who, when and from where does your traffic come. To analyze this information and work to improve it is a key element to retain your clients and add new ones.

Analytics is a very popular tool in that respect but there are many others which may furnish you with additional information on your website. To evaluate the conduct of these visits is essential to improve their control.

Is my site taking full advantage of SEO?

Most of the visitors will be attracted by search results. Ignoring SEO entails a reduction of your market and therefore a loss of potential clients.

Google algorithms change every year and have thus become an essential pillar for the online strategies of any business or brand looking for visibility. To obtain a good SEO you must keep a great deal of links to your place from leading websites, use key words and frequent searches and be adapted to any browser. If all this is in place new visitors will come soon.


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